BREDO DRY DOCKS – Bremerhaven

The BREDO DRY DOCKS, or in it is well known, BREDO, is one of Europe´s leading shipyards for repair, conversion, maintenance and class work. The ideal location of the three BREDO premises at the mouth of the Weser and Elbe River into the North Sea allows for short voyages from all European ports. With docks ranging from 70 meters up to 215 meters and a lifting capacity of up to 20.000 tons BREDO can accommodate ships of different types and dimensions. Floating cranes capable of hoisting 150 tons and several  repair berths can be used as well as several manufacturing and assembly halls in the harbour area of Bremerhaven. The shipyard has established a network of regional specialists to assist the yard’s 280 staff whenever necessary.  A workforce of up to 400 people can assist the ship-owner at 24 hours 7 days a week.


Floating docks and repair

Berth sizes;


  • Floating Dock One 16.40m X 116m
  • Floating Dock Two 21.30m X 100m
  • Floating Dock Three 23.90 X 158m
  • Floating Dock Four 29m X 170m


  • Floating Dock Five 35m X 215m
  • Floating Dock Six 21m X 147m
  • Drydock 1 LloydWerft  220m
  • Drydock 2 LloydWerft  335m
  • Floating Dock LloydWerft 38m X 281m


  • Floating Dock 7 22.8m X 125m
  • Floating Dock 8 14.9m X 75m

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