The Purpose of an Agent in 2022

Calvey Marine Ltd. has been at the forefront of the shiprepair, maintenance
and procurement industry for over 30 years, assisting shipowners/
managers with projects ranging from routine drydockings and
conversions, to maintenance throughout the lifespan of vessels, equipment
provision and emergency repairs. As sole UK agents for some of the most
prestigious shipyards including Drydocks World (Dubai), Lisnave (Portugal)
and the PaxOcean Group (Singapore and Indonesia), it also partners with
leading suppliers and marine equipment specialists such as AMI Heat
, Greens Power and Seatec Subsea.

Calvey Marine’s aim is to offer one point of contact to its Clients
for global shiprepair and maintenance solutions, often offering an
organigram of comparative options, and to provide solutions to each vessels’ needs throughout their lifespan. Long gone are the days of rushing to collect a specification from shipowners/managers to be the first agent to send to its relevant Principal shipyards and rightly so.

“We have greatly evolved our role since then. Technology has made the world smaller and more accessible – where once we were the only UK specialists in certain far-afield regions, now a simple online search shows the capabilities of a shipyard and logistical necessities. Has this meant the beginning of the end of the agency network? Certainly not! It means that we have had to re-organise and use this technology to provide our Clients with a more comprehensive and extensive service. This has not been without its growing pains, and evolution has had to be proactive – a conscious and carefully considered effort to ascertain the best direction for this niche but crucial part of the maritime industry.”

As shiprepair agents, Calvey Marine closely monitors the projects ensuring they are completed to the highest possible standards and at the most competitive cost and timescale, giving clients access to 24/7 services. Building and maintaining long lasting relationships is at the heart of Calvey’s business, and over the last 30 years we have built up a strong network of trusted global partners, and much valued Clients made up of shipowners/managers. The team use a collaborative approach between Principal and Client to negotiate all aspects of the project on the Client’s behalf, from initial tender to ensuring Client satisfaction throughout the project. Calvey’s team has excellent and well-established relationships with the shipyards and suppliers they represent, meaning it can negotiate the most competitive tenders for shipowners/managers. It also has access to the most up-to-date information regarding drydock availability and work very closely with the yards’ commercial departments to best accommodate clients’ vessels by securing the required drydock space, and ensuring any vessel maintenance, engineering projects or equipment is delivered in line with the Client’s requirements.

Over the past 30 years Calvey Marine has witnessed many changes within the maritime industry and has recognised the need for constant evolution – be it through expanding its product range, working with shipyards to expand their capabilities, or discussing potential areas for development to ensure its Clients’ are ahead of IMO regulations. In 2015 Calvey Marine became sole UK agents for Korean based global eco-friendly and energy system expert, PanAsia. Offering its Clients environmental solutions was an important step forward for Calvey including BWM systems, scrubber systems, and soon, industry-leading carbon-capture solutions. Clients come to Calvey Marine knowing that they will be given honest, professional and efficient solutions, offering considerable time and cost savings. Working with its Principals to offer UK shipowners/managers unparalleled equipment, project management, services, and the latest technology, is crucial to minimise downtime and unnecessary costs, which is all enhanced by forward planning. Calvey are there every step of the way – and often a step ahead!)

Despite a recent decrease in ability to visit Clients’ face-to-face, Calvey Marine has taken a proactive approach to maintaining hard-earned relationships by teaming up with GOWI Consulting to present regular webinars for Clients and Principals. The sessions are well attended and aim to inform how best to maximise both business and personal potential, which has never been more relevant in this ever-changing world. A ‘sales free’ environment with all members aiming to accomplish this goal for their teams is a refreshing reminder of the intimate and close-knit climate, which exists within the maritime industry and certainly one that Calvey Marine is very proud to be a part of.

“For me the marine industry must be one of the most engaging and rewarding sectors to work in. The opportunity to constantly be challenged and to learn throughout my career, to travel the world and to build long lasting relationships with our clients and principals is a true privilege. Having a real passion for the industry means that we can approach every interaction with enthusiasm, determination and genuine interest”

Spokesperson for Calvey

Calvey Marine’s role as an agent in the maritime industry remains a pivotal and ever-evolving one, as recognised by the Federation of Small Businesses in March of this year.

The team at the 2022 Federation of Small Business Awards

Calvey Marine Ltd; Best Global Ship Repair Agents & Marine Supplies Award Winner 2021

Calvey Marine are delighted to announce that they have been awarded the prestigious Southern Enterprise Award for Best Global Ship Repair Agents & Marine Supplies Business Award Winner 2021, hosted by SME News. The panel of judges’ highly anticipated decision was met with great gratitude and pride from Calvey Marine, especially considering such a hugely challenging period over the last 18 months, and is met with great excitement as this coincides with the company’s 30th anniversary this year.

Below is an exert from their written submission, discussing Calvey’s core values, ambitions for the future, and role within the community.

Based in the heart of West Sussex, Calvey Marine Limited are global ship repair agents and this year celebrate their 30th their in industry. You would be easily mistaken to assume that this is a large corporate company, but in truth this small, family run business has a lot of heart. Family values, exceptional customer service, professionalism and a lot of hard work are at the forefront of Calvey’s ethos, and they are exceptionally proud to be at the forefront of the ship repair and marine industry. Pastoral care and philanthropic activity separate Calvey Marine from their competitors. They measure success not just by their realised and ongoing growth, but moral obligation to make the industry and the lives of those they interact with, better than they found it.

Building strong and lasting relationships are key to Calvey Marine’s business and reputation is their everything. Calvey are immensely proud to support the global maritime industry and keep shipping afloat despite the challenges the industry faces. Over the last 12 months Calvey Marine has taken a proactive approach to maintaining these hard-earned relationships and has teamed up with GOWI Consulting to present regular webinars. The 45 minute sessions are aimed to inform those in the maritime industry of the changing world we all find ourselves in, and how best to maximise both business and personal potential. Topics have included; how to best manage stress, isolation, anxiety and addressing some of the challenges that working remotely presents. These have received glowing feedback and high numbers of attendees. For businesses, pastoral care has never been more important and if successfully managed can not only assist the wellbeing of staff but also maximise the existing commercial opportunities available. A ‘sales free’ environment with all members aiming to accomplish this goal for their teams was a refreshing reminder of the intimate and close-knit climate that still exists within the maritime industry and certainly one that Calvey Marine is very proud to be a part of.

Calvey Marine have gone from strength to strength despite the pandemic and continue to grow their revenue by providing exceptional support and service to their clients. Expansion is on the horizon, with recently appointed Business Development Director Jessica on the hunt for the right candidate to join our team in 2022. The difficulty with business development over the last 18 months has been a lack of being able to visit shipyards worldwide to manage projects in person and to build repour with new clients and maintain strong bonds with existing clients without being able to meet and market face to face. Strong communication skills have been key to Calvey’s operations both within their company and also to their clients and principals. Despite challenges, Calvey are optimistic about their expansion plans and have recently been asked to represent their Principals’ services further afield in Europe. Calvey Marine are experiencing a record year so far, reflected in their exceptional support to their Clients and successful marketing on behalf of  their Principals.  

Not satisfied with just expanding their business activity, Calvey Marine also measure their success by increasing philanthropic activities and supporting the local community. They regularly support local charities alongside Great Ormond Street which is a charity close to their hearts. This year Calvey have decided to support local mental health charities as are aware how many young people in West Sussex are currently awaiting support. As family is at the heart of Calvey Marine Ltd, looking after the wellbeing of their own during the pandemic has been an essential and more personal focus. Honest and open communication, flexibility, understanding and compassion have never been more key, and Calvey Marine have focused on their own pastoral care greatly over the last year.

The Calvey Marine team hope that this award and recognition marks the start of a less turbulent time over their next 30 years, as the country continues to adapt to the current ‘new normal’. As ever Calvey have their valued Clients and Principals to thank for their success, due to their continued support, loyalty and close cooperation over the last thirty years.

We look forward to the next thirty with optimism!

2021 Seaplant Advert

Calvey Marine are pleased to release their 2021 Seaplant advert, featuring Steven and Jessica’s last visit to Lisnave Shipyard, Setubal.

Calvey Marine strive for any opportunity to promote our exceptional worldwide Principals, offering the very best support to our Clients.

Seaplant is an international marine trade magazine and website providing the offshore oil, marine construction and shipping industries with a dedicated worldwide audience for buying, selling and hiring equipment services and vessels. The magazine lands on the desks of 6500 marine companies each month, and 1/4 million businesses worldwide use Seaplant to find, buy and sell. Throughout the world, in print or online, Seaplant Exchange is the first port of call for marine traders.

We are proud to represent our services in such a prestigious publication and are excited for the opportunity to continue evolving our exhaustive and proactive marketing strategies this year, including our 2021 Seaplant advert.

Calvey Marine Ltd. Re-brand

Despite being unable to do much with the exception of work (for which we are very grateful!), time seems to be moving forwards very quickly; it is with great excitement that we find ourselves writing in the beginning of April 2021 to announce the launch of our new Calvey Marine Website.

On behalf of the Calvey Marine team we would like to take this opportunity to thank our Clients and Principals alike for your ongoing support, as we look to the future and the ever evolving industry of ship repair. We would be delighted to discuss any ongoing or future requirements that you may have in due course, and would welcome the opportunity to provide you with competitive and prompt support. Onwards with Optimism!