Industry Leaders

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3rd June 2021 2 min read

Global ship repair agents Calvey Marine recently hosted its fourth seminar led by GOWI Consultants
entitled – ‘Emerging Stronger from the Pandemic’, investigating how we can all continue to be industry leaders. Whilst previous seminar invitations were only extended to their Clients and Principals, due to the success of previous sessions Calvey Marine were delighted to be able to extend the invitation to those in their extended network community in a continued effort to support the marine industry.

This fourth session showed particular attendee engagement and it was a testament to our industry to hear that so many of Calvey Marine’s Clients and Principals are already taking steps to learn from this new era of business and evolve, as opposed to trying to revert soonest to the style of working 18 months ago.

The session highlighted that reflection within our systems is key and we must take the opportunity to
challenge the past ways of conducting business both internally and externally in this new era, using the last 18 months as an opportunity to develop and reimagine.

It is clear that the companies who continue to listen to their employees, challenge and grow from their original ideals and take a proactive and collaborative approach to management and business are the organisations that will quickly reveal themselves as the industry leaders within our unique marine industry.

We look forward to hosting our fifth webinar in August, and welcoming both familiar faces and new comers to this well attended and popular event. Should you wish to join our next session, have any queries regarding how they are run or have any topics that you would be interested to hear more about, please do not hesitate to contact our Senior Project Manager, Jessica Black. Her contact details are:

We hope to hear from you!